UMH Travel Kit


This travel kit transforms your UMH Alpha or UMH Live device into an easy and convenient travel device.

Will your friends and those you encounter be as grateful as you are for having quick and ready access to revitalized and structured water?

Comes with funnel, adapter, bag, and Water cloth. (UMH Live sold separately)


Whether you are going on a trip, taking a hike, or heading to the next festival, with the UMH Travel Kit you can drink quality water while you do it. Your UMH Live or UMH Alpha device can easily be converted into a portable water treatment tool with this product.

This way, you can have that smooth tasting spring quality water wherever you go. You won’t have to worry about finding electricity, using chemicals, or performing maintenance. The UMH Live and UMH Alpha devices are made of 24 karat gold-plated material. They also use pyramid-shaped polished quartz crystal to polarize water molecules.