UMH Cell Phone Disc – EMF Protection Cell Phone


Simply stick it on your cell phone or laptop, and the EMF protection is in place. Suitable for all mobile devices and radio frequencies such as: GSM UMTS, Bluetooth, Dect, WiFi, and 2.4 – 5.0 GHz signals, and more. Transmutes the destructive mobile phone frequencies existing as right polar waves into beneficial left turning waves. This allows your body to achieve homeostasis more efficiently by not weakening your immune system.



UMH EMF Protection Cell Phone

We live in a toxic electronic society. With the modern convenience of technology comes serious side effects. 30 minutes of cell phone use a day doubles your brain tumor risk. From satellite dishes, cell phone towers, power line transformers, WiFi signals, to your laptop and your cellphone itself, there are a myriad of sources creating Electro-magnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation in our everyday lives.

The disc is easily transferable when you update to a new device.


Effective Operating Radius is 1 electronic device
Diameter is 3 cm / 1.2 inches
Thickness is 3 mm / 0.2 inches
Weight is 5 grams / .17 oz
Material is 100% silicon dioxide

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