EMF Protection Pendant – 7.23 cm


Protect yourself against EMF radiation, mobile phone radiation, Wifi, power line, and transformers wherever you go! The UMH EMF Protection Pendant is how you protect yourself with style. This disc size ensures that your vital organs are safe while you navigate the modern world.



EMF Protection Pendant

According to studies, the UMH EMF disc is also effective at reducing pain, and stimulating the central nervous system.

We live in a toxic electronic society. With the modern convenience of technology comes serious side effects. 30 minutes of cell phone use a day doubles your brain tumor risk. From satellite dishes, cell phone towers, power line transformers, WiFi signals, to your laptop and your cellphone itself, there are a myriad of sources creating Electro-magnetic Frequency (EMF) Radiation in our everyday lives.

  • 7.23 cm / 2.8 inches wide
  • Operating Radius is 1.6 meter/ 5.2 ft
  • Weight is 44 gram/ 1.5 oz
  • Thickness is 5 mm / 0.2 inches
  • Material is 100% silicon dioxide with a specialized hardened glass outer ring.

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