VARIO Carbonit Filter + UMH Pure


This kit includes the VARIO Carbonit Water Filter and the UMH Pure, so that your filtered water is also restructured and revitalized. Both the chemistry and the physical arrangement of molecules of your drinking and cooking water are optimized with this device combination, resulting in truly amazing water quality.


The VARIO Carbonit Filter and UMH Pure Kit uses natural water treatment methods to purify and recharge your water.

This is an under-counter unit ready for installation with complete setup for the filtration of your drinking water. The VARIO filter is easily installed under your sink and connects to an extra drinking Water faucet. Your cold Water line will then feed the VARIO + UMH Pure combination.

VARIO Carbonit Water Filter

The VARIO under counter filter is specifically designed to connect to your kitchen cold water line. The VARIO filter installs easily and quickly to your cold Water line, and outputs fresh tasting filtered Water directly to your faucet.

UMH Pure 3/8″

The UMH Pure provides an important addition for all reverse osmosis (R.O.) and filtration systems. Through the 3/8” connector the unit is suitable for coupling with all standard filtration systems. The device is made of high quality brass, plated with 24-carat gold and has a pyramid-shaped polished quartz crystal. The internal handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field.