QUADRO 120L Carbonit Filter + UMH Master 1″


This kit includes the QUADRO 120L Carbonit Filter and the UMH Master 1″. The Carbonit QUADRO is the optimum filter technology (4-cartridge device in a parallel circuit) for domestic whole-house water filtration solutions. Four activated carbon block filter, type WFP-Select Long (sold separately), ensure clean water at high flow rates and protection of your water lines.


QUADRO 120L Carbonit Filter + UMH Master 1″ – Whole House Water Treatment

The QUADRO 120L Carbonit Filter connects to your main water line supplying your whole house. You can connect the QUADRO 120L behind the UMH Master 1″. This way your whole facility has filtered and structured water.


The QUADRO 120L house filtration system is specifically designed to connect to the main Water line of your entire house or condo, improving the life and cleanliness of all your Water appliances. The device block is made of POM (Hostaform C 2571), the filter cylinder made of CrNiMo stainless steel (1.4541).

UMH Master 1″

Supply your apartment or your entire home with highly energized Water. The UMH Master is specially designed to be connected to the main Water line. The device is made of high quality brass and finished with specifically selected gemstones and crystals. Inside the device, a hyperbolic flow cycle and handmade borosilicate glass vials provide a highly stable energy field. With this built-in device, you can enjoy the benefits of spring Water quality from every sink and faucet in your home. Now natural spring spa Water is ready for your daily shower or relaxing bath.

Includes: Carbonit QUADRO 120L, UMH Master 1″, Adapters